Speaking about words...

Nicole Laidler freelance journalist London Ontario

Style Your Copy: 30 minutes to more powerful story-telling. 

If you have a website, write a blog, are active on social media, or even send an email – congratulations, you’re a copywriter!

But are your words building your brand? Or do they fall flat and send readers to your competition?

In this entertaining, engaging, and informative 30-minute talk, I share simple tips that can take your business writing from utterly-forgettable to unforgettable.

Learning how taking a more intentional approach to the words you choose can help you:
> Overcome the fear of a blank page
> Identify and embrace your unique voice
> Tell a compelling story that connects, engages, and inspires

I also take the audience through some common copy-writing no-no’s, and share strategies on how you can repurpose your best writing so you can save time and reach a wider audience.    

Come ready with your copywriting questions!

(That's me, top centre, with international speaker Joie Gharrity (bl), image & style consultant, Susan Jacobs (br), and two attendees at the 'Set Your Intention, Embrace Your Wow Factor, and Grow Your Success' workshop.) 

Interested in having me help your team take their writing to the next level? Then let's talk! 
Contact me at (519) 870 - 3111 or nicole [at] spilledink [dot] ca