A few words about me...

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Writer. Hockey Mom. Business Owner.  

I am an award-winning freelance writer, hockey mom, and the owner of Spilled Ink Writing & Wordsmithing. 

I'm a free spirit who put down roots but never lost her taste for adventure. A former classical musician and world-traveller.  An entrepreneur who is lucky enough to love her second career.

I believe that words can do more than simply communicate an idea. They can set a scene, evoke an emotion, and provoke a response. They have meaning, sound, and rhythm. 
Words are the tools of my trade, and the raw material of my craft.  
I’m a professional Wordsmith – a Writer, an Editor, a Business Communicator. And I write until I get it right.
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But everyone can write, right?   

Finding the right words to tell your story, shaping your marketing copy to fit the design, crafting website copy that is reader and search-engine friendly, and polishing it to perfection is not easy.

It takes training, time, and experience.  

If you've been stumped by a blank page, struggled to find the perfect phrase for your corporate communications, or wondered how to generate buzz about your latest venture, I can help. 

Still not convinced?

Here are seven good reasons to trust your words to a professional writer:  

> I can save you time, and that saves you money.
> I can give your copy polish and pizazz.
> I can hook your audience and keep them reading to the last word.  
> I can hone your message and help deliver it to the right people.
> I can shape your message to fit your medium. 
> I can help your business or not-for-profit find its unique voice.
> I can translate even the most complicated ideas into words that everyone understands.

If you're still reading, I've made my point!

A few words about working with me...


London Ontario freelance writer Nicole Laidler


A passionate communicator, who takes your words seriously.

I've been told that I am easy to work with. That's probably because I genuinely enjoy my job. Whether I'm writing a business profile for a local magazine or website content for an accounting firm, I strive to make the process a pleasure for everyone involved.

As a solopreneur, I write every word. I do not subcontract any of my copywriting.

I don't do graphic design, but I do work with top designers for website, internet, videos, and print. And I'm happy to make an introduction. 

I am a mistress of time management. I pride myself on meeting your deadlines and working within your budget. If I run into an issue that may delay your project, you'll be the first to know. 

Whether you're starting from a blank page, or have existing copy that just needs a good polish and some extra pizazz, I'd be happy to discuss your writing needs.

Ready to spill some ink? Then let's talk!
Contact me at (519) 870-3111 or nicole [at] spilledink [dot] ca